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I run SuperDog London and have classes and private session for dogs of all ages.  My classes are held in Wandsworth and I also meet clients for 1-2-1 sessions across South London


I got my first rescue dog in Singapore back in 1997, and it changed my life. Since then, I've developed a special love for rescues and street dogs. While living in Singapore, I fostered numerous rescues and adopted several, bringing back two street dogs, a rescue dachshund, and two street cats when I returned to the UK. Since being back in London I have added a boxer cross to the menagerie.  

I specialise in working with reactive and rescue dogs, finding joy in the unique challenges they bring. As a certified ProDog Trainer, accredited by IMDT and APDT, I'm passionate about helping dogs and their owners create positive, rewarding relationships. Currently, I'm also pursuing a diploma in canine behaviour to continue honing my skills. If you share my love for dogs and want help training your dog then you're in the right place!



Rebecca's dogs in Singapore

Shadow, Louie, Blue and Conker in Singapore

Member of IMDT
Member of Training and Behaviour charter
Registered animal trainer
Member of APDT
Rebecca and Bruno her rescue dachshund

Rebecca with Conker and Bruno

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