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Miranda and Rebecca have owned, trained and fostered dogs since 1997.  They set up SuperDog in 2022 to combine their expertise in the dog training and management.  Their overall desire is to improve the relationship between human and dog!

Check out the talk we gave to Friends of Wandsworth Common at:

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Even More About Us!

Rebecca got her first rescue dog when living in Singapore in 1997. Ever since then she has had a love of rescues and especially street dogs.  While in Singapore she fostered numerous rescues as well as adopting several and returned to the UK with two street dogs, a rescue dachshund and two street cats.  Since then she has added a boxer mix.  Her multi-dog and cat household is busy, chaotic but a lot of fun.  She specialises in reactive dogs and rescue dogs.

Rebecca is accredited by IMDT and APDT, is a certified ProDog Trainer and is doing a canine behaviour diploma.



Miranda grew up in a family full of dogs. Before becoming a dog trainer, she ran a successful dog walking and home from home dog boarding business in Farnham for many years. She currently has a 13 year old Labrador and a 2 year old working cocker spaniel. She also has two rescue cats who like to cause mayhem at home!  As well as helping people understand their dog's needs, her speciality is gun dog training.  

Miranda is a certified Pro Dog Trainer and is a student of APDT

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